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I am the theatre. I’m old and not as sexy anymore. I am a poor theatre, but have many stories to tell. Inside me, people meet. They are searching for something, want to understand something. They sing, applaud, laugh, dance, chorus. Sometimes they yell a lot and show their naked bodies. I’m there somehow, I try to be political, I try to intensify life, I know that death is inevitable, that’s what makes me tired, death. I hope you’ll still come visit.”

Under the programmatic title TEATRO, nadaproductions – four performers, one fine artist, one musician and one lighting engineer from Poland, Austria, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Switzerland – join their voices to explore the conventional understanding of Theatre. TEATRO deals with the term "theatre", theatre as a place of illusion, of fiction, the theatre as a building, as well as with the act of performing in front of an audience. The different ideas on theatre merge into a performance. The performers face impossible tasks; they fail but find liberating laughter.

Dossier (PDF): concept/press/tecnical rider

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Concept and Direction
Amanda Piña

Dramaturgy and Staging
Daniel Zimmermann

Choreography and Performance
Andrei Andrianov

Ewa Bankowska

Raphael Michon

Amanda Piña

Set and Visual Design
Daniel Zimmermann
Christian Dergarabedian
Victor Duran Manzano
Production Manager
Elisabeth Drucker